Performance review part 2

Do you remember our last week鈥檚 topic? Today, we鈥檙e going to continue the subject and go into a little bit more detail, i.e. we鈥檙e going to literally walk you through the process. Before we do that, though, why don鈥檛 you take some vocabulary exercises, just to warm you up 馃檪 .

go into detail 鈥 wchodzi膰 w szczeg贸艂y
walk sb through 鈥 przeprowadzi膰 kogo艣 (krok po kroku)


Exercise 1 – vocabulary:

Put the words together to make correct phrases:

1.聽聽 聽set
2.聽聽 聽areas for
3.聽聽 聽assign
4.聽聽 聽commitment to
5.聽聽 聽weak
6.聽聽 聽bad
7.聽聽 聽date
8.聽聽 聽constructive

a)聽聽 聽attitude
b)聽聽 聽range
c)聽聽 聽goals
d)聽聽 聽language
e)聽聽 聽feedback
f)聽聽 聽improvement
g)聽聽 聽value
h)聽聽 聽change

Exercise 2:
Use some of the expressions from exercise 1 to complete the following sentences:

1.聽聽 聽During evaluation session you鈥檒l review your employee鈥檚 self-evaluation, go over your thoughts and ________ an appraisal or ________ to their performance
2.聽聽 聽Avoid weak language, like ____________, and be specific about the action that caused the behavior.
3.聽聽 聽It鈥檚 not required that the employee agrees with your appraisal but they do need to make some sort of ____________.
4.聽聽 聽If you give employees ____________, their performance appraisal process will be a motivating experience for you and your employees

Now, watch the film and check if you were right:

Exercise 3:
Watch the film again and complete the gaps in the following fragment:

A good way to perform the appraisal is to state your appraisal results, ask for agreement and then ask for (1) ________ for future action. Open the dialogue for discussion if there are areas of disagreement. It鈥檚 not required that the employee agrees with your appraisal but they do need to make some sort of commitment to change. During times of conflict, be calm and(2) ________. Never get personal or verbally attack the employee. Agree on the timetable for (3) ________ progress towards goals during the upcoming review period. As you (4) ________ the session be sure to ask the employee if they have any questions and listen to any last comments. Emphasize your (5) ________ for the employee鈥檚 continued (6) ________ and development. Make sure the employee signs the appraisal form, and you provide the employee with a copy. If you continually monitor, appraise and document employee performance and give employees constructive feedback, their performance appraisal process will be a (7) ________ experience for you and your employees.

Exercise 4:
Word-formation 鈥 change the following verbs (V) into nouns (N) or adjectives (adj.) used in the film:

V to N:
a)聽聽 聽evaluate – ________
b)聽聽 聽achieve – ________
c)聽聽 聽improve – ________
d)聽聽 聽commit – ________

V to adj.:
e)聽聽 聽divide – ________
f)聽聽 聽interrupt – ________
g)聽聽 聽reason – ________
h)聽聽 聽measure – ________
i)聽聽 聽achieve – ________
j)聽聽 聽construct – ________

Now, have a look at one properly done performance appraisal:

Exercise 5:
Watch the film again and complete the sentences below:

1.聽聽 聽We鈥檙e going to ________ this ___ by first reviewing the appraisal form from our last period.
2.聽聽 聽I see one of the issues from last time was tardiness but you鈥檝e really (a) ________ in that (b) ________ and I see that you haven鈥檛 been late again.
3.聽聽 聽I鈥檝e stepped up as a ____________.
4.聽聽 聽I鈥檒l make a 180掳 ________.
5.聽聽 聽We agreed on what I need to work on and now it鈥檚 up to me to ________.

tardiness 鈥 op贸藕nienie, sp贸藕nienie
step up 鈥 poczyni膰 wysi艂ki w celu poprawy czego艣

Let鈥檚 just hope your employees don鈥檛 mess this up ;-):

For more English for HR go to

Ex. 1

1-c); 2-f); 3-g); 4-h); 5-d); 6-a); 7-b); 8-e)
Ex. 2
1. assign value; 2. bad attitude; 3. commitment to change; 4. constructive feedback;
Ex. 3
(1) commitment; (2) objective; (3) reviewing; (4) conclude; (5) support; (6) growth; (7) motivating;
Ex. 4
a)-evaluation, b)-achievement; c)-improvement; d)-commitment; e)-(un)divided; f)-(un)interrupted; g)-reasonable; h)-measurable; i)-achievable; j)-constructive
Ex. 5
1- kick 鈥 off; 2-(a) improved, (b) area; 3- team player; 4- turnaround; 5- execute;

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