Everybody is different, no doubt about it. And, even though we tend to like (and, unfortunately, sometimes hire) people who are similar to us, diversity brings nothing but gains, especially in an organisation. But before we talk about the benefits of surrounding ourselves with people different from us, let’s talk about the most traditional division into four types of personalities. These are:

1.    Choleric – doers rather than thinkers, usually good decision makers

2.    Sanguine – fun-loving with good people skills

3.    Phlegmatic – good at working under pressure and good mediators

4.    Melancholic – well organised, however sometimes resistant to change.

Exercise 1:

Below you can find four groups of adjectives. Each of them fits one type of temperament. Your task is to match every group to the correct type:

A.    easy-going, calm and quiet, reliable, good-tempered, steady, shy

B.    thoughtful, sensitive, conscientious, principled, idealistic, self-critical, organised, goal-oriented, persistent

C.    energetic, ambitious, passionate, dynamic, goal-oriented, confident, outspoken, compulsive, decisive, impatient, quick-tempered

D.    cheerful, talkative, enthusiastic, good with people, confident, spontaneous, emotional, communicative, arrogant, artistic, positive, creative

easy-going – spokojny, opanowany
reliable – rzetelny, niezawodny
good-tempered – zrównoważony
steady – opanowany, ze stalowymi nerwami
thoughtful – troskliwy, pamiętający o innych
conscientious – sumienny
principled – zasadniczy, kierujący się zasadami
persistent – wytrwały
confident – pewny
outspoken – otwarty, bezpośredni
decisive – zdecydowany
quick-tempered – nieopanowany, porywczy
cheerful – radosny, pogodny

At the Blue Ocean they use a little bit different terminology, i.e. names of birds such as eagle, owl, dove and peacock.


eagle – orzeł
owl – sowa
dove – gołąb
peacock – paw

Exercise 2:
Watch the descriptions of personalities used by the Blue Ocean and match them to the personality types described before:





Exercise 3:Watch the films again and match the key identifiers and prime motivators to the correct personality:

Personality type

Key identifier Prime motivator





1. expressive

2. diplomatic

3. assertive

4. analytical

A. structure

B. freedom

C. action

D. relationships

Do you know what personality type you are? If you don’t, you can check it with the help of the Blue Ocean’s personality worksheet. See how to do it.

Come back next week to see why this knowledge is useful 🙂 .

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Ex. 1
1-phlegmatic; 2-melancholic; 3-choleric; 4-sanguine;
Ex. 2
eagle-choleric; owl-melancholic; dove-phlegmatic; peacock-sanguine
Ex. 3
eagle-assertive, action; owl-analytical, structure; dove-diplomatic, relationships; peacock-expressive, freedom

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