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What is a great place to work? If you ask a job seeker searching for a job at present, in the times of crisis, s/he might answer that it’s the one which offers you a paycheck first. Some employers feel they can capitalize on that, just like in the film:

What is “employee engagement”?

One of the following definitions is commonly mistaken for “employee engagement” when in fact both terms are not equivalent; which one is it?

1. emotional and intellectual commitment to the company and its success
2. contentment with one’s job
3. a drive to do one’s best for the benefit of the company
4. satisfaction in one’s role in an organization


paycheck – tu: wypłata
capitalize on sth – wykorzystać coś
contentment – zadowolenie
drive – tu: energia
do one’s best – zrobić wszystko co w twojej mocy
for the benefit – dla, na korzyść

The answer to the question is in fact no. 2. It is not enough if your employees are (or so you think) satisfied with their jobs to consider them engaged. Engaged employees are much more than that. They are committed to the company, they are satisfied and proud of their organization. They use their talent to contribute to the company’s success.

Why is it so important for an organization to have engaged staff on board?

Watch the film to get some idea:



Glossary for the film:

employee turnover – fluktuacja kadr
retirement – emerytura (okres)
output – wydajność
appreciation – docenienie, wdzięczność
stock option – prawo do tańszych akcji własnej firmy
decompress – odprężać
unappreciative – niewdzięczny
underling – podwładny
bottom line – wynik finansowy

Exercise 1

Watch the film again and complete the sentences with the correct words:

1.Statistics say that the cost of training a new employee runs anywhere from 50 to 200% of the position’s (1)__________.

2.Google provides stock option, (2)__________, on-site doctors, massage, yoga, free lunch, heated toilet seats.

3.“We do all sorts of stuff that people here suggest just to keep the atmosphere (3)__________ and to encourage more (4)__________ and communication between all the people (5)__________ in making the games.”

4.Everyone likes to feel like they(6)__________. Having your so called underlings give their input onto your company’s (7)__________ isn’t expensive and super-effective.

5.Trader Joe’s supermarkets have next-to-no (8)__________ based on these simple principles.

6.“Turnover is the most expensive form of (9)__________ expense.”

7.(10)__________ us well and we work better for you.

Exercise 2

Below you can find some more words related to the topic. Use the words to fill in the sentences about employee engagement:

worker perks, loyalty, morale, recognition, intangible, layoffs

1.One of the _________ benefits of having engaged employees is less stressful workplace.

2.Are __________ enough to boost the motivation of your staff? Are higher salaries and bonuses sufficient to achieve employee engagement?

3.One extremely important and at the same time extremely difficult task in the time of crisis is to keep your staff engaged after __________.

4.It is no secret that __________ from one’s manager rockets their energy and motivation to work.

5.44% respondents of a recent LinkedIn survey declare that their HR departments’ goal for the next 12 months is to check their staff engagement and __________.

6.Absenteeism is one of the signs of low staff __________.

If you want to read and learn more on the topic and practise the vocabulary related to it come back next week.

For more English for HR you can also go to


Ex. 1:
(1) annual salary; (2) health care; (3) light; (4) collaboration; (5) involved; (6) matter; (7) vision; (8) turnover; (9) labour; (10) Treat;

Ex. 2:
1-intangible; 2-worker perks; 3-layoffs; 4-recognition; 5-loyalty; 6-morale;

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